promotional photography

Fox Studios Australia. by Oliver Berlin

I was lucky enough to be commissioned by Victoria Buchan (head publicist) and Kim Williams (Head of Studio) to document the development of Fox Studios Australia. It was to be built on the existing RAS (Royal Agricultural Show ground) site in Darlinghurst.

The site was a sprawling, strange place, home every year to the "Show", where the country met the city. It had randomly and organically developed over many years. The powers that be had proposed that it move to a more bespoke, appropriate site at Olympic Park. After a lengthy DA process, approval was given and an international. "boutique" film studio was built. Given the complexities and sensitivities around the site and it's development, there were a lot of hits and misses but many notableinternational films have been made there and it was a fascinating opportunity for me. I documented the construction and development of Fox Studios and also shot the initial publicity campaign for the Australian and US film and media production industries.